Wood Paneling

By embodying the beauty and diversity of the rainforest, our exotic hardwood paneling is a perfect accent to any space. The bolder mixes add a perfect pop of color, while a subtle palette offers a luxuriously modern design element. This material can be used for walls, ceilings, or other surface accents. Let us work with you to find the perfect mix for your project. Contact us to place an order.



Our products get their distinctive aesthetic by utilizing dozens of exotic species from sustainably managed rainforests on the coast of Ecuador. In order to ensure the full diversity of the forest, we cannot pull trees based on their species, making the availability for individual species unpredictable. To embrace this unpredictability, we’ve created 3 color mixes (Sol, Flora, and Suelo) so you can get the perfect style that’s completely unique to your project. By selling products made from the whole forest, we can guarantee the future of the whole forest.

If you're interested in learning more about the nature of our material, visit our materials page.

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Widths: 2"-4"

Lengths: 1'-6'

Available Mix: Sol, Flora, Suelo

Profile: Tongue and groove

Character: Spalting, insect holes, sound tight knots

Finish: Unfinished - we suggest mineral oil, poly, or beeswax

Carbon Value: _ tons/_ (TBD)

FSC: In process for certification

Source: Northern region of the Chocó rainforest in Ecuador, sustainably managed by Whole Forest

**Colors shown will vary


Sol Mix

“Sol” combines the lightest tones with mid-range tones to create a softer aesthetic that can range from a cool, feminine color arrangement to a sandy desert palette.


Flora Mix

“Flora” combines the full spectrum of tones to create a bold, eye-catching aesthetic, which truly represents the diversity of the forest. The intensity of the effect depends on the pattern.


Suelo Mix

“Suelo” mixes mid-range tones with dark, rich tones resulting in a variety of warm, masculine aesthetics that can range from luxurious and velvety to neutral and traditional.